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CEOvision by Dan L’Abbe

Despite high inflation and a continuing war in Ukraine, strong demand continues to persist in the markets.  The market fundamentals continue to be sound, and overall demand in the markets continues to be strong, but one of the biggest challenges facing the American market is the shortage of labor and supplies. As companies pivot and look to other regions of the world to procure labor and supplies, they are seeing that too comes with challenges. In addition, companies are adapting to the lingering changes in the work environment due to Covid. Through it all, it’s becoming more and more clear that one of the most fundamental ingredients to success in this era is flexibility and sustainability.

It is very important ask yourself these questions when making decisions: Are you being flexible? And is your approach sustainable with 1,2,3 or 1,000 or even 10,000 employees or team members or clients? When the obstacles seem unsurmountable and the challenges are stacking up, ask yourself are you being flexible and are your choices sustainable. The market will continue to drive supply and demand but if there is no flexibility and sustainability the market will tighten up and stop working — and the demand will go to markets that have flexibility and sustainability. By staying focused on flexibility and sustainability, and keeping an eye towards the future, you can avoid getting bogged down by what’s in front of you today.

Dan L’Abbe 

CEO, Founder of Granite Solutions Groupe 

MARKETvision by John Henning

Stay Calm and be True to Yourself!

May 6, 2022

Inflation, Maximum Unemployment, Geopolitical crisis in eastern Europe, roiling financial markets – Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause, but you’ll be surprised by the appearance. The good news is it’s you.


As I write this, the US markets are down again on the day after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by a half point.  The first time it’s done that since 2000.  After a brutal few weeks across all major indexes, where losers ate the winners for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Americans and in fact the world are looking for signs of relief as rising prices outpace the gains in employee wages.

That relief is on its way in the form of rising interest rates that are designed to cool the economy just enough to slow the rampant increase in consumer prices. The problem is that these macro-economic maneuvers are just that – macro, meaning large-scale overall shifts. These macro shifts primarily have immediate impact on the financial markets, but rarely provide any kind of immediate relief to consumers.

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TALENTvision by Galawezh Mostofi

Opportunity in a Tight Labor Market

May 6, 2022

As we are slowly transitioning back to a bit of stability after 2 turbulent years with the pandemic, we are noticing lots of positive changes. Unemployment is incredibly low at 3.8%, a drastic drop from nearly 15% in April 2020.

Major layoffs in the thick of the pandemic caused employees to accept pay cuts or even steps back career wise to keep working. With so many opportunities available today, it is a vastly different market today! Prospective employees are demanding higher wages and more flexibility and with a tight pool of qualified talent, employers are coming to grips with the reality of offering higher compensation and making the accommodations needed to attract and retain key skills and capabilities.

We have worked with so many people that had been looking for a change between November and December and were suddenly faced with the difficult decision of choosing between multiple offers in February and March. The tide has shifted, and while it may be an opportune time to make a shift, longer term trends must be balanced against what may seem like “greener grass”. 

Key factors that are important for employers and candidates to remain aware of in this market:

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GREENvision by Tatenda Mabika

Take Accountability & Invest in Your Environment

April 20, 2022

This year, we have the pleasure of celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd. Earth Day is opportunity for us to join the world in recognizing the progress made towards sustainability and it is a chance to raise awareness and learn more about the importance environmental protection. All over the world, people, communities, organizations and governments are coming together to highlight the importance of environmental issues on the world platform. This year, the theme of Earth Day is Invest in Our Planet.

Earth Day 2022 is focused on accelerating solutions to combat our greatest threat, climate change, and to activate everyone – governments, citizens, and businesses – to do their part. Everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.” – [1]

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GSG Consultant Recognition

May 9, 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Sowmya Nagarajan based in California, has been named GSG’s Consultant of the Quarter! 

Sowmya is a four-time GSG consultant who started her career with the firm as a Senior Business Analyst in 2016.  In her current role as a Business Initiatives Program Manager, she has proven invaluable in her contributions.  Our client shared “Sowmya joined as a Project Manager but brought a leadership mindset that was beyond her specific project.  She has been holistic in her thinking for our Client Service team.  She has taken additional responsibilities leading the Client Services 3-year plan and does a great job partnering with the business and technology teams.

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