Our values as a firm define who we are as teams and individuals.

People who demonstrate integrity, efficiency, and inclusiveness.

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    GSG believes that a diverse workforce creates the best environment for success. Diversity makes us stronger, and the unity we create by embracing those who are different from us transcends business. As an LGBT-owned business enterprise and NGLCC Certified Diversity Supplier our goal is to create a workplace that is free from discrimination of any kind. We reward our team members, consultants, clients ,and the community for their ability to work with people from all backgrounds and value the greatness that is inside each of us.

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    Integrity is GSG’s single most important core value. Our company motto, “do the right thing, and then do the next right thing,” informs our commitment to providing transparency, standing by our word, and having the courage to be honest even when it feels uncomfortable or difficult. By simply doing the right thing and being willing to walk away from bad business, GSG differentiates itself from competitors who will cross any line to make a deal and builds trust and accountability with our clients and consultants.

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    Efficiency, made possible by streamlined communications and seamless processes, allows us to respond quickly to all client and candidate needs. Our commitment to technology and automation optimizes employees time, facilitates communication, and promotes information sharing and continuous improvement. We know time is valuable, and our strong bias to action results in swift decision making and minimal lag time.

People who build relations based on doing the right thing.

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    Relationships inform all of our decisions, actions, and priorities throughout the day. We value relationships over transactions, and develop deep, meaningful relationships that set us apart. Our relationships with clients, consultants, employees and people in the communities in which we work and live are what motivate us to do our very best every day.

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    Community is the driving force behind GSG. Together we can do more than we can do alone. Community support is a moral and financial imperative. By lifting up the communities around us we succeed as people and as industry leaders. GSG employees are strongly encouraged to give back in the communities where we live and work to promote increased economic and family stability.

People with a passion for quality, consistency, and the courage to be themselves.

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    Quality is what our clients expect and deserve. In this environment of talent scarcity, we listen to our clients to understand their needs and balance that with creative approaches to engaging high quality consultants. GSG consultants are qualified, capable, and poised to deliver.

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    Consistency is the key to maintaining long term relationships and building a reputation of quality and dependability. Our clients, consultants, employees, and the people we serve in the community know what to expect from GSG. You can’t manage or improve what you can’t measure, and our commitment to reporting and analytics supports ongoing process improvements that benefit our consultants and clients.