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The last two weeks have been amazing.  On December 9th GSG held our first public event since the pandemic began for our annual holiday party.  While smaller than prior years, with safety a priority, we held the event at The Dirty Habit in San Francisco at the Hotel Zelos, which offered a beautiful indoor/outdoor event space and supported our strict proof of vaccination policy.  Our wonderful events team put together a fabulous soiree with a Circus theme replete with contortionists, magicians, and all the accoutrement of an evening under the big top, with an essence of luxury that delighted our guests.

Then last week me and my colleague Matt Kussman hopped on a plane to go visit our friends, clients, and colleagues in Minneapolis for a great night at Top Golf where we shared some swigs, swings and laughter to show some appreciation for the people and organizations that have supported our growth in the mid-west over the last decade.  Again, while the event was intentionally small, it was significant in the fact that it represented re-engaging with the community, and we especially enjoyed having board members from the Latin Economic Development Council there with us to celebrate and collaborate.

The following morning, we got on an early flight to New York, where we had meetings with clients, then held another intimate event at the rooftop bar of the Peninsula Hotel (Salon de Ning), in a private igloo where we enjoyed comradery, views of the city and holiday spirit in an environment of safety and comfort, delighting in each other’s company as we interacted in person once again.

To top it off, Matt surprised me with tickets to the Knicks/Warriors game – where again proof of vaccination was required for entry – what a treat to see Steph Curry break the record for most 3-pointers in the most famous venue for the sport, Madison Square Gardens!

John Henning
Peninsula Hotel (Salon de Ning)
Matt Kussman & John Henning
Madison Square Gardens
Matt Kussman & John Henning TopGolf Minnesota
Matt Kussman
Peninsula Hotel (Salon de Ning)

Having been in consulting for the past 20 years, traveling to collaborate with clients and meeting and interacting with all types of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and views, my soul had been starved these past 2 years by the isolation of the pandemic.  Now I find my spirit renewed and ready to move forward, engaging with my colleagues and business partners directly in ways that we haven’t been able to in a very long time.

Reflecting back on this time and projecting forward into next year, I’m well aware that we are not quite done with COVID, and may never be entirely, but the indelible mark these past two weeks have made on me is the importance of collaboration and diversity, and how important it is to make the effort to reclaim our identities as social, communal beings. It’s been said that 90% of life is just showing up, and that’s what we intend to continue doing.  Have the courage to show up and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve and what you can believe about yourself, your colleagues and your community!

Diversity is what makes us stronger, and just as biodiversity in nature fuels sustainability, embracing diversity in the community and the workplace will provide the foundation to survive and thrive. GSG has launched an enduring campaign for collaboration that we will be focusing on for all of 2022 and beyond. We believe that communication is the foundation of collaboration, and we invite you to join us on this journey together. Over the coming months starting in January, I will be writing monthly posts that expand on what I call the five pillars of collaboration.

Come collaborate with us:

Thank you to all of our collaborators around the world, Merry Christmas, Joyeuse Fetes, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays and may you all be happy, healthy and safe in the new year. 

With love, diversity and a spirit of hope and collaboration.

John and the GSG Team.

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