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CEOvision by Dan L’Abbe

It is very exciting that we are turning the corner into the New Year, 2022. As you know, we have seen a lot of change in the past two years.  But from an executive perspective I feel like we are at a point where the flexibility in work environment and emphasis on work life balance is enabling greater collaboration and productivity.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of uncertainties in the market. But with improvements in both technology and healthcare we’re starting to accept that COVID will be part of our world moving forward. Instead of focusing on the pandemic, we are all starting to focus on how we become more effective and productive with managing our time in the new work environment COVID has brought. At GSG we are excited to continue highlighting our outstanding consultants as they continue to join our practice teams, and equally excited for all the opportunity there is in the market for 2022. I think the year in front of us is filled with opportunity, growth and the potential for great collaboration that can continue to change the business environment in a positive way.

Dan L’Abbe 

CEO, Founder of Granite Solutions Groupe 

Turning the Page by John Henning

In our last issue of GSG Vision back in October of 2021, we focused on Diversity & Inclusion, market updates, return to office efforts, perspectives on the talent market and most of all collaboration.  Now that the new year is upon us, GSG continues to put the emphasis on collaboration as the key driver of success, providing insights and thought leadership on the importance of taking an intentional approach to collaboration.  

With remote and hybrid work structures still prominent, the natural process of collaboration that occurs with physical co-location has gone out the window (literally), and we have to be more mindful of what it really takes to execute, helping our teams develop the interpersonal skills and techniques required to collaborate.   

In the coming months we will be publishing original content and aggregating shared content on our new Collaboration landing page on our website, to encourage learning, enthusiasm and team building through what we’re calling the five pillars of collaboration.  Trust, Innovation, Communication, Knowledge Sharing and Execution.  These are the foundational elements of true collaboration.  

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MARKETvision by Satish Subramanian

Everything Everywhere is Constantly Changing

Building Transformation Capability for Competitive Advantage

The arrival of Covid-19, the delta variant, and the Omicron variant have posed major challenges to many institutions, but also created huge opportunities.  Even as I write this in the early weeks of 2022, there is a surge in Covid-19 cases globally due to the outbreak of Omicron variant.  Still, I’m observing organizations, communities, and individuals are learning to live with the virus. 

To a certain degree, acceleration in adoption of Digital processes and tools has been forced on us by the pandemic. Companies are quickly embracing many technologies to become more agile and develop new business opportunities.  In the last two years, global rapid penetration of digital technologies, cloud computing, AI/ML models, social media, data and analytics, and mobile computing has allowed new and established companies in many industries to launch new business models that are causing disruption.

The once superior operating environments are becoming legacy burdens for large established organizations as they try to capitalize on new technologies.  Product and service offerings are becoming obsolete faster and getting commoditized due to lack of strategic differentiation.

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TALENTvision by Jeremy Overaker

Perspectives from the Inside looking Out

BACK TO THE FUTURE – Collaboration with Intention

2022 is here and we find ourselves in a very similar situation to the last couple of years with remote work still the norm and companies looking for new and innovative ways to attract and keep good talent.    Understanding how to adapt yet keep the core of who you are as a company intact, is an ongoing challenge that has changed the way in which a lot of us collaborate. Collaboration tends to be an intrinsic goal that most successful organizations strive to achieve due to the positive effects this mindset has on employees, productivity, and the overall success and growth of a firm.  

Finding ways to allow for a collaborative mindset to permeate a culture and become a part of who that company is takes time and, in most cases, requires a general shift in how we interact with one another.  Sometimes that shift happens gradually and other times it is forced on us, as was the case with COVID-19.  It altered our outlook to a point where most of us were forced to re-evaluate what is important and learn how to thrive in this new environment.

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GREENvision by Sarah Capraro

Reset and Resolve

3 simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

We heard from many people that 2022 wasn’t a year for big resolutions. The rise of Omicron and a second holiday season marked by uncertainty related to Covid certainly sucked some wind from our collective sails. That said, we love the New Year as a time for reflection and goal setting. When it comes to our commitment to going green, we’ll take any excuse to make new changes to protect the earth and move forward towards a sustainable future.

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GSG Consultant Recognition

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Khulan Gankhuyag based in Minneapolis, has been named GSG’s Consultant of the Quarter!

Khulan is a two-time GSG consultant who has been supporting our Data & Analytics Practice since October 2019 and has been part of the GSG team for over two years now.  Khulan has become an invaluable consulting partner in her role within our client’s Product team.  

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