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April 20, 2022

This year, we have the pleasure of celebrating Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd. Earth Day is opportunity for us to join the world in recognizing the progress made towards sustainability and it is a chance to raise awareness and learn more about the importance environmental protection. All over the world, people, communities, organizations and governments are coming together to highlight the importance of environmental issues on the world platform. This year, the theme of Earth Day is Invest in Our Planet.

Earth Day 2022 is focused on accelerating solutions to combat our greatest threat, climate change, and to activate everyone – governments, citizens, and businesses – to do their part. Everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable.” – [1]

There are many organizations taking accountability and making strides in their sustainability initiatives for example Huawei’s sustainable and green approach to packaging has made notable strides in cutting Co2 emissions and reducing the environmental cost of packaging by using less plastic and more eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Microsoft’s AI for Earth program, which introduced its planetary computer that aims to provide the world with an international database of environmental data that will prove integral to collating information about the earth’s ecosystem and use cloud innovation to strengthen the move towards environmental sustainability. Boeings commitment to producing jets that can burn 100% sustainable fuel by 2030 leading the charge in reducing the impact of air travel on the environment. We celebrate these initiatives and many more.

At this point, we would like to bring the focus back to the individual and what you can do to invest in your environment in a practical and easy way. While many of us are returning to office and some of us continuing to work from home, the fact remains that many of us spend a large portion of our day in our workspaces.  

Get a plant!

We challenge you to introduce more greenery to your work environment. Adding plants to your work environment has the potential to improve your wellbeing. It can relieve stress by creating a more tranquil, peaceful environment, encourage your productivity and creativity and at a minimum it will improve the air quality in your workspace especially in office spaces that have bad ventilation.

Now for those of us who are not gifted with a green thumb, no need to worry you have the option of going for a plant that will require little maintenance. My personal favorite is a desk terrarium, they come in all shapes and sizes and add a luster to your workspace, and they are low maintenance. If all else fails, a cactus plant is a great go to.

As Tony Carlisle says it in an article on 7 Great Plants For Your Office

“In spite of their differences, all office plants cut back on energy usage and contribute to the overall health of an office space.” [2]

So why not invest in something that will look beautiful in your workspace, benefit your health and wellbeing and benefit the environment at the same time. 


Tatenda Mabika, Manager of Client Service and Head of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, on the GSG Green Policy Team. Tatenda is a Global Citizen, passionate about finding solutions and being a catalyst for sustainable change.