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Tips for keeping your skills up-to-date.

New technologies can be scary. For one, keeping up with the latest tools and trends can mean replacing a system you know inside and out with something unfamiliar – and possibly intimidating. Second, asking questions and learning something new can make anyone feel vulnerable. But with the rapid pace of technology innovation, it’s increasingly important to stay on top of new products and tools relevant to your career. Here are a few tips to help you keep your skills sharp.

Read industry content

It’s a good idea to regularly read blogs and publications related to your field, and to follow relevant topics on websites like LinkedIn and Medium, as they are a great source for news about changes in widely used tools. If you notice repeated mention of a new product or tool that you are unfamiliar with, it may be worth doing some digging and learning more to stay ahead of the trend.

Take a class

These days, you don’t have to leave your house to take a class or learn a new skill. There are many tutorials on YouTube and tons of online learning platforms available, like Udemy and Coursera. If there’s a skill you’d like to develop, chances are you’ll be able to find a course online – sometimes, even for free! If a course is cost prohibitive, it may be worth asking your employer for partial or full tuition reimbursement – some companies are even voluntarily training their existing team members in new technology to maintain a competitive edge.

Reach out to a consulting firm

Consulting firms like GSG have their finger on the pulse of what skills are hottest in the marketplace, due to their relationships with hiring managers and deep understanding of our clients’ needs. By maintaining a strong relationship with the firm, you can get the inside scoop on the latest cutting-edge skills and technologies. They will also be able to give you feedback on areas where your skills may be falling short. Approach these conversations with an open mind, and put the expert advice into action!

Keeping yourself current is not an easy task, but don’t let your fears get in the way!  By staying on top of the trends, approaching new information with enthusiasm and a drive to learn, and listening to feedback from industry experts, it can be done.

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