GSG Values


Relationships form the bedrock from which all our decisions, actions and priorities are derived. Our relationships with clients, consultants, employees and people in the communities in which we work and live are what motivate us to get out of bed each day to do our very best.


Providing transparency, standing by our word and having the courage to be honest even when it feels uncomfortable or difficult, is the right thing to do.


Consistency is the key to maintaining long term relationships and building a reputation of quality and dependability for all of our stakeholders. Our clients, consultants, employees and the people we serve in the community know what to expect from GSG.


By listening to our clients to understand their needs and engaging candidates in a thorough screening process, we can deliver quality solutions that value everyone’s time and energy.


GSG believes that a diverse workforce creates the best environment for success. Diverse perspectives help drive creativity and innovation, and empower companies to make the kinds of bold decisions necessary to thrive. We are proud to be an NGLCC Certified Diversity Supplier, and a long-term supporter of diverse hiring practices.


Efficiency, made possible through our commitment to technology and automation in all areas, enables us to respond quickly to all client and candidate needs. By creating processes to leverage employees’ time, facilitate communication, and promote information sharing and continuous improvement, we create a strong bias to action.


Community is everything to us here at GSG. Our commitment to giving back to the communities that fuel our client’s business is the right thing to do as a moral and financial imperative. We work with our employees, clients and business partners to give back as much as possible to the communities where we live and work.