From time to time, GSG engages consultants on a sub-contracting basis, as long as certain requirements are met.

All sub-contracting agreements must be fully compliant with our clients’ specific rules of engagement, and we have a very thorough due diligence process designed to protect the interests of each consultant, client and GSG.


  • Your corporation must be registered as a valid S-Corporation or C-Corporation.
  • GSG does not allow sub-contractors that require payment on a 1099 basis or that are formed as LLCs.
  • GSG will be the client of the sub-contracted company, and the sub-contracted firm will have no official business relationship with GSG’s client.
  • Stated sub-contractor resource will be the employee of the subcontracted company and will not be an employee of GSG.
  • Sub-contractor must be able to verify that the presented resource is being paid W2 wages. GSG reserves the right to request and/or audit this documentation.
  • Sub-contractors will not receive paychecks. The sub-contracted company receives remittances on invoices submitted, according to the payment terms in Addendum B of the company agreement.
  • GSG sub-contractors are expected to submit weekly invoices in accordance with the terms in Addendum B of the company agreement
  • During the sub-contractor on-boarding process GSG will verify insurance coverage, business entity registration information, federal tax identification number, employment authorization documentation, and any other relevant documents required by the GSG company agreement or GSG’s clients.


  • GSG consultants will submit their hours on a weekly basis using GSG Time & Expense system. If you have any difficulty logging in, or have any questions about time tracking, please contact us at
  • Consultants who incur authorized expenses by the client will submit receipts/ expenses using GSG Time & Expense system.