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In this case study we looked at how our client, a major financial institution, transformed their Marketing practices by implementing an enterprise-wide Marketing Personalization initiative.

The Marketing Personalization effort involved rolling out a large collection of capabilities that pulled together resources and tools to allow our clients and prospects to create a better customer experience from top of the funnel all the way down. Now more than ever, Digital Capabilities is at the forefront of almost every conversation. Our client sought to leverage these capabilities to transform customer journeys, creating a personalized and consistent user experience across all channels.


Before the introduction of Marketing Personalization, our clients and prospects capabilities were primarily product-centric and did not focus on fulfilling the customer journey end to end with a personalized experience.  Also, the capability maturity was too low to orchestrate digital marketing campaigns.  With their focus first and foremost on the customer’s digital experience, they needed to rethink how to create a special yet individualized experience for each customer and future customer.  We worked with senior leadership to reimagine previously siloed banking products and anticipate their customer’s behaviors to deliver “one” holistic personalized banking experience.


Over a period of three years, Granite Solutions Groupe deployed over 25 consultants in support of the Personalization initiative.  Our team assisted with providing detailed program oversight and worked within an agile environment.

Consulting resources included:

  • Strategy Leads
  • Capability Leads
  • Digital Asset Management Consultants
  • Change Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Communications Consultants
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Initiatives Consultants
  • Web Analytics Consultants
  • Data Management Consultants

GSG’s consultants were selected because of their specific subject matter expertise, project execution skills and experience in supporting Digital Marketing initiatives.

Consulting Approach

The overall approach consisted of five key phases:

  • Discovery: Defining customer journeys by line of business
  • Project Planning: Creating a roadmap, defining scope and budget.
  • Design/Development/Testing
  • Implementation
  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Operational Transition


Granite Solutions Groupe consultants are helping to develop and streamline the roadmap for this large Digital Marketing transformation.  In this program, leadership wanted to move much faster, adopt an agile methodology and ensure adoption across the enterprise.  The team at GSG has been strategic in aligning the key players inside the bank, managing multiple technologies and scrum teams.

Because the goal in this initiative is to ensure the bank was able to proactively connect and personalize with each customer journey it is important to divide the work into smaller chunks so we can properly scope and release to each line of business.  GSG team members are working across all lines of business to socialize the new digital capabilities internally and ensure that key stakeholders participate in each pilot.

Lessons Learned

First and foremost, the implementation of Marketing Personalization capabilities is showing how critical it is to create individualized user experiences in today’s digital world. Customers and prospects expect a consistent, uniform experience across channels and platforms, and want to see products and offerings that are specifically relevant to their needs.

Deploying such a large and varied team to support this initiative has given GSG access to many different sides of the initiative, from defining strategy to implementing analytics to gauge success. Working across the different lines of business ensure that every banking customer would benefit from the implementation of this program. Communication and proactive problem solving are critical components to success.