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As we launch headlong into the holiday season and begin to count our blessings and count all the positive things we’re thankful for in our lives, I’m reminded of how important it is to also be grateful for the challenges we face, and the difficulties we encounter along the way.  

Whether it’s a complex work or personal problem, the loss of a friend or relative, losing power for 5 days ?, or simply a bad day where everything seems to be going wrong, I have found that if I really look for it, every challenge I face contains a glimmer of opportunity and a chance to learn about myself, the world I live in or just makes me more fully appreciate what another person has brought into my life.

A problem at work shows us who we can count on as true partners; the loss of a friend or relative reminds us of our capacity to love and appreciate others; losing electricity shows us how resourceful we can be and getting through a bad day reinforces our own resilience and makes us stronger.

So when you’re in the thick of a challenging situation, take time to stop, breathe and find the silver lining that you can be grateful for.  You’re likely to find a fresh perspective that will begin to make things look much brighter and bring about positive change. 

This month, as GSG celebrates the value of gratitude and giving, please join me in taking the time to be thankful for adversity.  Take a moment to help us spread the word about the amazing organizations that we had the opportunity work with this past month by sharing your thoughts and perspectives on social media.  And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, where we share news and updates with our community throughout the week. 

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