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These days, the most important ability is Adaptability. As we march our way through 2020 and approach the end of Q3, our clients and consultants have had no other choice but to be resilient and adapt to the current climate.

Pre-pandemic, firms had the ability to analyze their key initiatives and identify where and when to deploy consulting talent to support those key growth areas. The last six months has caused companies to reassess their short and long-term goals, as the pandemic continues to present new challenges and  shifting obstacles. But at GSG, we pride ourselves on staying positive and leaning into our ability to adapt through adverse times. We have continued to deliver solutions for our clients and opportunities for our consultants, and have noticed some key trends for success.

Let’s look closer at what has allowed our clients to thrive in these uncertain times:

20/20 Vision: Play on words? Sure. As mentioned previously, the current economic climate has forced firms to reassess quarterly and yearly goals, that were previously forecasted for 2020. As difficult as it has been, slowing down and analyzing which initiatives really matter has allowed companies to clearly identify and adjust their long-term vision for their end customers. With the “Shelter-in-Place” restrictions, Digital Transformation has gone from a want to a need within the Financial Services Industry.  Firms have begun to invest heavily in highly skilled talent within Technology, in support of the transformation within their Digital platforms. Though this change has been abrupt, the companies that are adapting will see a tremendous return on their investments as our teams deliver on their digital initiatives over the next few years.

Stability & Opportunity: When attracting top talent, clients need to be able to establish the stability of their firm during this abnormal and uncertain time. Along with that, clear communication and a focused long term strategy is critical. This transparency, though not required, will go a long way in building a strong virtual culture. Clients that have focused in these two major areas have been able to engage the influx of highly talented consultants in our marketplace.

Culture Counts: Making a career change during this pandemic has created uncertainty within the Talent Marketplace. Everyone understands that having a strong culture within your company is critically important. We live in a world that is going through a Global Pandemic, there is social unrest and political uncertainty: having a strong company culture has never been more important. We have consistently observed top consulting talent choose firms who believe and focus on their employees’ happiness, wellbeing and long term fit within the organization. Being able to create an environment where your employees feel valued and cared for will increase your firm’s ability to attract and retain top talent. As someone who made a career change during these trying times, culture was at the top of my list when it came to choosing GSG.

We have all faced tough times in 2020. Continue to adapt and focus on what you can control to ensure personal and professional happiness. There is light at the end of the tunnel; be resilient, stay positive and we will all get through this together!

Andrew McDonald is the newest Director of Strategic Accounts to join Granite Solutions Groupe. He brings over 6 years of experience in the consulting and talent acquisition space to the firm, and currently drives new client acquisition and manages key business relationships within our current client pool. Welcome to the team, Andy!