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While the present situation feels anything but normal, there is good news to share on the talent front: our clients are adapting quickly, project engagements have continued apace, and the financial services consulting sector has no shortage of opportunities for People and Solutions that Deliver.

That said, due to the preventative measures in place to help slow the spread of Covid-19, the environment for talent acquisition can look a little different these days. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are looking to deploy a consultant, considering consulting opportunities, or are currently engaged as a consultant in these turbulent times.

  • Remote is the new onsite: As more and more of the American workforce complies with regional and national directives to maintain “social distance,” “shelter in place” or “self-isolate,” we’re seeing more opportunities to deploy our consultants remotely than ever before. David Gonzalez, GSG’s Executive Director of Talent Acquisition, said “while this doesn’t mean we can throw geography to the wind, we should definitely focus on deploying talent where it is. We’re seeing a lot more flexibility with regards to where a consultant sits than ever before, which is an exciting opportunity.”  For decision-makers with project execution responsibility, this means you can benefit from a more geographically diverse talent pool – giving you greater opportunity to work with the best of the best!  GSG Consultants are dedicated to work wherever they are, equipped with fast internet and the technology tools  needed to be successful as a remote consultant.
  • Webcams are the new handshakes: Another major behavioral change is that many companies are more open than ever to meeting prospective consultants virtually. This changes the dynamic and means your first – and last – impression may be through phone or video instead of shaking hands in a conference room. GSG makes sure that our consultants’ technology is up to date and compatible with the plethora of videoconferencing technology like Skype, Zoom and Webex meetings. For new GSG hires, Gonzalez recommends finding a quiet place in your home to take calls, preferably with a blank wall or nondescript décor, so in a video interview the hiring manager can focus on you. Pay extra close attention to the details shared by your GSG talent partner, as things can change quickly!
  • The land of opportunity: GSG and our business partners are focused on maintaining business as usual, and are not slowing down in the support of our client’s major initiatives due to the coronavirus. While the 24-hour news cycle can make it seem like the sky is falling, the truth is that there is plenty of opportunity for talented individuals who can adapt to the new normal, stay positive and remain focused on getting things done. Per Gonzalez, “the major initiatives our consultants are engaged with are not taking any breaks due to the shifting workplace landscape. Maintaining a healthy workforce is critically important, and we’re seeing a faster-moving deployment environment than we were this time last year. Remember, heading into the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. job market was seeing record unemployment lows. Clients are staying focused on making quick decisions to secure top talent, and high caliber consulting talent is in high demand as we weather this storm.”
  • We are very lucky: It’s important to acknowledge that while we haven’t seen a major downturn in the financial services consulting space, other industries have not been so fortunate. There are new reports that 18% of the American workforce has been impacted by layoffs or reduced hours, and that number is likely to grow. As members of a more stable workforce, we have a responsibility to keep the economy moving. Don’t miss our latest blog post, the Top 10 Things You Can Do to Boost the Economy, for ideas.

We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing talent community and thank each of you for doing your part to keep your community safe while continuing to provide solutions that deliver. With level heads, a positive attitude, and a strong internet connection, we will all get through this together, and may even emerge stronger and more connected than before!