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After a tumultuous year of personal and professional growth, one day I found myself looking upwards and feeling hopeful.

Hopeful not only for myself, but for our country, our people and our values.  The audacity of hope – what a concept.  I think someone wrote a book about that.  And here we are.  Still strong, still rooted in our value systems of goodness and compassion for every manifestation of life that surrounds us.  We are here.  That is the important thing, we are here.  Recognizing that by being our true selves and fully expressing our very essence, we are uniquely positioned to fulfill our dreams.

It’s really all about perspective.  Taking the time to appreciate and accept everything that’s happening and materializing in your world and seeing the light through the darkness.  Knowing that every action and reaction in our lives can be guided by the simple act of acceptance.  By accepting what is, we gain the opportunity to change our orientation and have faith that we can turn what may at first seem to be an obstacle into an opportunity.  Not an opportunity in the sense of  immediate financial reward or public notoriety, but in the sense of taking the small steps along the way that lead to the treasure chest of confidence that you are the master of your life and can be as happy as you decide to be.  I believe a true American hero and master of perspective said that first (Abraham Lincoln).

It’s from this realization about perspective that I stumbled upon a thought recently… everyone is always going around saying Nothing’s Perfect, for what I can only imagine is a coping mechanism for accepting what is in their lives, usually when things don’t go as planned.  And I believe there’s nothing wrong with that, as it shows your acceptance of the current state, which is the only place from which you can move forward!

And then it occurred to me… Everything’s Perfect.  Period.  Every little thing that happens in our lives, good or bad is perfect.  It’s the only rational explanation.  If I accept what is, love who I love, and accept myself for who I am and know that I can see my way through anything and let life’s river take me for a ride without fighting it, then I know that I can choose to have a positive perspective.   One subtle change of perspective and we see the whole world in a new light.  Allow me to propose to you that in fact… Nothing’s Perfect – Except for Everything.