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Already three months into the new year, and we have so much work left to do. To be sure, we have passed some important milestones this year already, seating a new government, passing COVID relief legislation and most importantly, we now have a vaccination program underway that promises to make most American adults eligible for the vaccine by the middle of April. The light is at the end of the tunnel.

In February I wrote about how the Ground Hog predicted 6 more weeks of winter, and how important it was to stay the course with health protocols to get to a point where we could start taking action to move forward into some sort of normalcy once cases declined and vaccinations increased. Now here we are, 6 weeks later. Spring has come, and we have managed to move to a point where states are loosening restrictions and opening for business. While it’s concerning that cases seem to be on the rise again in many of those states, and the CDC is issuing dire warnings of a fourth wave, I do believe its important to be moving in the direction of re-opening. 

But a mask is not a political statement – it’s just a mask. Until we have reached herd immunity, I believe the responsible thing to do is to continue with social distancing and face coverings. It just makes common sense to protect ourselves and each other.

I hope you enjoy this edition of GSGVision, including market insights with MarketVISION, our newest column GreenVISION that discusses what GSG is doing to help the environment and how you can help. David Gonzalez explores the impact and opportunities of the remote work force in TalentVISION, providing valuable insights on the trends affecting the current workforce. And of course, our announcement of GSG’s Consultant of the Quarter. 

I wish you success, health, happiness, and kindness in the coming months as we all continue to move forward – together.

John Henning

Chief Client Officer

MarketVISION by John Henning

MarketVISION: Moving forward with intention and diversity

In the last edition of MarketVISION, I made several predictions about the coming months that have in general held true – here’s the latest on the top 5 areas I like to keep and eye on.

  1. M&A activity has been strong and looks likely to continue apace throughout the year, bringing additional strategy and integration work to the market as companies continue to divest and acquire businesses to align to their core strengths and add capabilities. GSG continues to see this activity at our clients driving consulting opportunities.  Bain and Company’s 3rd Annual Global M&A Report offers key insights and metrics for those that want to learn more. 

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TalentVISION by David Gonzalez

TalentVISION: Location Vs. Compensation: Where you live is becoming less a factor for compensation

In our last TalentVISION column, we talked about the impacts of COVID-19 on remote work and a few of the silver linings for our consultants and clients—particularly the ability to engage with opportunities and source talent free of geographical boundaries.

As we start to look toward what is hopefully the beginning-of-the-end scenario for COVID-19, we’re seeing clients weigh the pros and cons of staying remote, and professionals examining how they can permanently transfer their annual earning potential from large urban business centers to more affordable places to live—or capture higher total take-home given unprecedented access to the biggest names in tech, financial services and more.

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GSG Spotlight


GSG is pleased to announce our new green policy and a new column GreenVISION which will appear in our quarterly newsletters, with updates and insights on how you can make a difference.

“GSG has always incorporated green thinking and green practices into our daily operations,” said Chief Client Office John Henning. “This newly formalized Green Policy includes measurable targets and benchmarks that will facilitate continuous improvement and demonstrate our ongoing dedication to sustainable business practices.” 

With big picture guidelines that include compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and making an effort to reduce the generation of waste whenever possible, the GSG Green Policy is anchored by five core Green Targets to achieve by 2025.

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Consultant of the Quarter

We are thrilled to announce that Alberto Maté has been named GSG Consultant of the Quarter!

Alberto has been working with GSG since June 2020. As Senior Manager, BI Dashboard Design consultant, he consistently stands out with his ability to deliver innovative solutions and managing a wide range of tasks without loss of quality. Within a short period of time, he has had a positive impact and promotes excellence with confidence and skill.

Alberto has earned high praise from his peers and project leaders, with one client partner sharing that “The dashboard users love his new design of visualization and are thrilled with the additional features, which provides them with an easy-to-interpret view of metrics and performance results.”

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