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Earlier this year, we announced the creation of a dedicated Consultant Care team at GSG, which represents our continued commitment to the talented, driven individuals who deliver for our clients every day.

We spoke with Helda Müller, our Consultant Care Manager, to learn more about the new program and why it’s quickly become an integral part of how we do business at GSG.

Helda, as the manager of Consultant Care at GSG, can you tell us a bit about what Consultant Care means to GSG?

Absolutely! Consultant Care includes so many things, but the core of what we do is offer a personalized experience to every consultant to make sure they know they are part of Team GSG. We support and engage every consultant to make sure they are happy throughout their engagement and feel valued as a part of the GSG community.

Relationships are everything to us here at GSG, and the Consultant Care team takes pride in building strong relationships with every GSG team member. We always aim to establish a long-term connection and level of trust that benefits everyone – consultants, clients and GSG.

And what types of service does the Consultant Care team provide?

We act as a single point of contact throughout our consultants’ engagements, allowing for hassle-free communication should any issues or questions arise. The relationship begins while the consultant during project onboarding, before they start each engagement. I always call to provide an overview of what they can expect throughout their employment experience with GSG, which sets the tone and provides a strong foundation for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.  We check in again after the first week to make sure they have everything they need to be successful on the engagement – we try to remove any unnecessary obstacles so they can focus on providing excellent service to our clients, and hit the ground running from day one.

From there, we keep in regular communication, checking in periodically to gather and share feedback on their engagement, provide any updates on events in their area, and just remind them we’re here, and ready to help should they need anything at all!

Why is Consultant Care important to GSG?

Building strong relationships with our consultants allows us to maintain a current understanding of their skills, motivations and professional goals, so we can re-deploy them on projects that suit their expertise and career interests. Getting to know them, what drives them, what their passions are – ultimately it makes it easy for us to engage them on client initiatives where they will thrive, delivering solutions and solving business problems.

Thank you so much, Helda! Last question: how does someone contact the Consultant Care team?

Consultant Care can be reached by email at, or you can call 415-614-4965 and speak to me directly – I am always happy to assist!