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GSG is seeking an experienced Human Resources Analyst who will be responsible for delivery of day-to-day and strategic human resource services. 

Duties include core HR functions: maintaining employee records, administering benefits and assisting with payroll, and providing employee self-service as well as compliance-oriented duties. The ideal candidate will possess a general understanding of HR policies and practices and work collaboratively with assigned business units to support the strategic direction of GSG.


  • Assist consultants with time entry and resolve timesheet related issues along with providing new employees with time system help and system administration support
  • Verify hours entered in time application by compiling time sheet reports
  • 401K administration including 401k contribution submissions, loan and/or rollovers and audits
  • Process employee address change requests and enter updates on the relevant systems
  • Answer employee inquiries about the GSG benefits provided to employees for enrollment, changes based upon hire dates and effective dates in benefit applications
  • Collect sick leave requests and ensure they are recorded accurately in the corresponding applications
  • Research state revenue and unemployment account registrations and collaborate with payroll to maintain the various state accounts.  
  • Responsible for keeping abreast of the State and City Maternity Leave Laws and the State and City Sick Leave Ordinances to respond to questions and manage correspondence
  • Manage correspondence from State Agencies such as notices including but not limited to Employee State Unemployment and Employer Tax Account
  • Use Bullhorn placement information to create time collection records in Bullhorn Back Office (BBO)
  • Prepare reports to assist with the consultant records in various applications for payroll and employee benefits.
  • Manage employee termination process for both the internal GSG employees and the consultant workforce updating applications and maintaining the appropriate records
  • Responsible for timesheet tracking and approvals with mangers as well as approving time in Bullhorn Back Office (BBO)
  • Communicate time collection reminders to consultants
  • Manage and track the employees PTO in required applications
  • Manage COBRA benefits, reports and audits
  • Manage Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity data collection and reporting

Key Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years of Human Resources experience or Master’s degree in HR management with 2 years of HR experience desired.

  • Experience working in a Professional Services organization.  All experience may be concurrent.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills demonstrated in previous position.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools at an expert level.
  • Bilingual fluency in two languages desirable.

Contact: Michael Lacson, Operations Director,