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It is with great pleasure that we announce that Khulan Gankhuyag based in Minneapolis, has been named GSG’s Consultant of the Quarter!

Khulan is a two-time GSG consultant who has been supporting our Data & Analytics Practice since October 2019 and has been part of the GSG team for over two years now.  Khulan has become an invaluable consulting partner in her role within our client’s Product team.  

Our client shared “Khulan has a long track record with us of growth, an ability to learn quickly, a willingness to do whatever the team needs, producing quality work, and being pro-active about taking on more work.”  She worked closely with the UX designer and UI lead developer and thanks to her contributions, the team was able to successfully deliver a major enhancement and refreshed design right on schedule. Throughout her tenure with the firm, she has received continuous praise and recognition from our business partners as an individual who can be trusted to produce accurate work and anticipate challenges that require project team attention. 

When presented with the award, Khulan shared, “Working with this client has helped me grow personally and professionally.  Everyone is very supportive and encouraging.  I feel very welcomed to the team. This team and project are the right fit for me.  Working with GSG has been very pleasant, everyone is very attentive, I feel cared for and protected.”

Our client partner is equally glad she is part of their program, and said “Khulan always displays a positive attitude, with impeccable attention to detail while remaining sufficiently flexible to deal with unanticipated challenges, a willingness to do whatever needs to be done, and is a true team player.  She fits in very well with the team.”

Please join us in congratulating Khulan on her many achievements within our client and consultant community.  

The GSG Consultant of the Quarter Award is bestowed upon consultants who are nominated by our clients, consultants and employees, and who achieve the highest overall quantitative rankings in terms of how they meet their deliverables and foster a creative, productive and collaborative work environment. Additional subjective, qualitative criteria is included in the evaluation of nominees based on how they deal with others, including client and GSG team members, the impressions they make and the extra things they do to ensure a successful client experience.