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We are thrilled to announce that Alberto Maté has been named GSG Consultant of the Quarter!

Alberto has been working with GSG since June 2020. As Senior Manager, BI Dashboard Design consultant, he consistently stands out with his ability to deliver innovative solutions and managing a wide range of tasks without loss of quality. Within a short period of time, he has had a positive impact and promotes excellence with confidence and skill.

Alberto has earned high praise from his peers and project leaders, with one client partner sharing that “The dashboard users love his new design of visualization and are thrilled with the additional features, which provides them with an easy-to-interpret view of metrics and performance results.”

Exceptional communication, teambuilding skills and creating an atmosphere of cooperation, are further areas where Alberto excels. One client partner commented “Alberto displays exceptional performance day after day. He does everything possible to handle his projects conscientiously from start to finish in all aspects. He always demonstrates care for others he works with. Alberto offers outstanding suggestions to increase efficiency, he suggested the use of InvisionApp software to improve collaboration, reduce email traffic, and increase overall team efficiency.”

The praise and recognition continue with our client partner sharing “Alberto works very hard and demonstrates his care for the job, peers, and business partners. He consistently impresses the team with his high quality of work and his willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve the project goal. Alberto works diligently to accomplish all the tasks assigned to him. In his design work, he has an ongoing focus on accuracy and displays a consistent high-quality through his deliverables.”

When presented with the award, Alberto told us “On one hand, working for this client, my experience has always been rewarding and challenging. I’ve received a great amount of valuable knowledge and I’ve grown as a professional. On the other hand, as a GSG consultant, I’ve felt protected, well-treated, and now also rewarded. It’s not common to have the dedication GSG has to consultants, so I consider myself blessed.”

We love supporting excellent consultants like Alberto and are so glad to have him on the GSG team!

Please join us in congratulating Alberto on his many achievements within our client and consultant community. 

The GSG Consultant of the Quarter Award is bestowed upon consultants who are nominated by our clients, consultants and employees, and who achieve the highest overall quantitative rankings in terms of how they meet their deliverables and foster a creative, productive and collaborative work environment. Additional subjective, qualitative criteria is included in the evaluation of nominees based on how they deal with others, including client and GSG team members, the impressions they make and the extra things they do to ensure a successful client experience.