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Cola Award Winners posing

I am proud and excited to announce that GSG has created a new annual consultant recognition award in honor of Carol Ornstein.   The name of the award is the Carol Ornstein Legacy Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Consulting Arts.  Carol is an amazing management consultant, project and program manager who has been with GSG since July of 2011.  With over 30 years in consulting, Carol has blazed trails from coast to coast in many different industries, with a strong concentration in banking, wealth management and investment management.  Carol exemplifies GSG’s values of Relationships, Integrity, Consistency, Quality, Diversity, Efficiency and Community.  Carol always goes the extra mile to help employees, partners and clients achieve excellence. She has “paid it forward” by brokering introductions, mentoring others, sharing her knowledge and experience with the community through public speaking, writing and empowering people from all backgrounds.

Upon accepting the award, Carol said, “It is a great honor to be associated with Granite Solutions Groupe! I am very grateful to John, Dan and Ann for their years of support and partnership, which have greatly benefited the trajectory of my career. The integrity, diversity and professionalism of GSG is top-notch, and I look forward to many more years of successful partnership! Thank you for this award, as it means more to me than I could ever express!”

This new award, part of GSG’s consultant recognition program rolling out in Q1 of this year, will be awarded each year the week following the Academy Awards to symbolize how important the blend of art and science is in delivering successful outcomes for our clients, partners and employees. In addition to being recognized and honored as a leader in her field and an incredible consultant, GSG will also provide Carol with an Educational and Training grant of $500 to further her continuing education and professional development.

Please join me in congratulating Carol Ornstein on her amazing work and achievements and wishing her all the success she deserves!

Stay tuned for our next announcement as we roll out our Consultant of the Month award in March, which will be awarded based on a combination of objective engagement deliverables, client nominations and feedback and exemplification of GSG’s core values.

Granite Solutions Groupe has been working with project management superstars like Carol Ornstein since 1998. We place highly skilled consultants with financial services industry expertise at leading financial services companies to complete projects in areas ranging from blockchain to data analytics to product development. Our clients love us because of our proven ability to find the right people quickly. With us, you get things done. To find out more about how we can help your team successfully complete its next project, reach out to