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GSG is committed to achieving a Zero Carbon footprint by the year 2025. We are participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project in partnership with several large national clients – including Wells Fargo, Moody’s Investors and IBM – and are encouraging our other large clients to participate as well.

But what is a carbon footprint, and why does it matter?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (like methane and carbon dioxide) produced by our daily actions. Virtually everything we do, use and consume requires energy to function, produce, manufacture, ship, etc. Things like driving a car, using electricity and buying single-use products all contribute to your carbon footprint. To learn more about your personal carbon footprint, you can explore this Carbon Footrpint Calculator.

It’s virtually impossible to completely eliminate your personal carbon footprint, but being aware of the impact your choices have on greenhouse gas emissions can help guide your decisions and lead to a more sustainable world.

By participating in the CDP, we are committing to monitoring and reporting our carbon footprint because you can’t change what you can’t measure. By 2025, GSG will be a carbon neutral company, thanks to making decisions informed by sustainability and supporting carbon offset programs.

If this work sounds meaningful to you, we’d encourage you to explore our Green Policy and consider signing the Declaration of Support. For some tips on how to get started, don’t miss our Earth Day blog post, Being Green is Easier Than You Think.

Sarah Capraro has worn many hats in her long tenure with GSG. In her current role as a Senior Client Service Analyst, Sarah partners with Tatenda Mabika, Manager of Client Service and Head of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, on the GSG Green Policy Team.