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I spent some time thinking about this phrase and it really struck me just how impactful it is. I would even dare to say more significant that the more commonly used and well-known phrase “divide and conquer”. In this current age that we live in, can anyone afford not to collaborate?  

From its inception our Green Initiative has taken this concept to its core with our commitment to partnering with our suppliers and our clients to achieve meaningful progress towards our sustainable goals.  As we embark on our “Green Journey”, we want to encourage you to work with other firms like ours who are like minded and committed to making strides towards reducing their carbon footprint.  

Together we can achieve real results whether on an individual level throughout your organization doing little things like powering down your computer at the end of the day as opposed to simply putting it to sleep or on a larger scale by organizations committing to planting 100 trees a year – every action big or small contributes to reducing the impact human civilization has on our shared home, planet Earth. As the saying goes, the sum of all parts is greater than the whole. 

At Granite Solutions Groupe, nothing gets done without collaboration.  We will achieve our sustainability goals through shared values, teamwork, and tireless vigilance. Within our organization, we are actively fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and encouraging each member of our team to take part. Externally we are sharing our ideas and inviting our partners to join us in our commitment to the environment, while supporting the larger initiatives sponsored by our clients that have global reach and investment in the environment. 

“When we can communicate, we can collaborate.  Together we can execute.”  

Tatenda Mabika, Manager of Client Service and Head of Supplier Diversity and Sustainability, on the GSG Green Policy Team. Tatenda is a Global Citizen, passionate about finding solutions and being a catalyst for sustainable change.