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Granite Solutions Groupe (GSG) is launching a new marketing campaign based on its 21-year history of providing consulting services for the financial services industry called “People and Solutions that Deliver.”

The campaign highlights its deep relationships with customers, focus on delivering value with quality and integrity, and commitment to diversity and the community.

“Our company continues to grow and expand and is evolving to meet the ongoing demands of our customer base,” said Dan L’Abbe, Granite Solutions Groupe’s CEO and founder. “We have always differentiated ourselves in a highly competitive industry by following our motto – ‘Do the right thing, and then do the next right thing.’ People are at the core of what powers our firm and we put relationships first while delivering value and performance for our clients.”

As part of the campaign, the company will also introduce a new visual identity, including an updated logo, colors, tone and new website, optimized for an enhanced mobile experience and clear brand messaging. “We’re very excited about this campaign and our updated branding which is bold, sleek and contemporary, while leveraging the foundation of our name and reputation for consistency, quality and integrity,” said John Henning, GSG’s CMO and Head of Professional Services.

Granite Solutions Groupe has been providing consulting expertise to Fortune 500 companies in the banking, private wealth management, asset management and investment industries to support ongoing business operations, technology transformation and key product strategy initiatives for more than two decades. Based in San Francisco, GSG is a nationally certified diverse-owned business enterprise, and actively supports the diverse community, promoting equality and inclusion in its global workforce through support of the NGLCC and its allies across the country.

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