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A Greek philosopher once said, “The only constant in life is change.” And while most of us know and accept this truth, change can still be disorienting, scary and hard to navigate – especially at work.  But before you let the fight or flight instincts take over, remember that it’s important not to lose your head. Whether it’s a new policy, new technology implementation, or a shift in personnel, here are some tips for keeping your cool in what can be a scary time:

  • Keep an open mind. Often, we instinctively react negatively to a proposed change, and resist the unfamiliar and different. But catastrophizing and lamenting your new situation will only make things feel worse than they are. If you can keep an open mind, you may find it’s not that bad – it could even be great!
  • Don’t look back – we’re not going that way. Instead of ignoring a new policy or resisting a new technology tool in favor of doing things how you’ve always done them, lean positively into the change. Accept that things are not the same, and do your best to adapt positively and quickly. The most you resist, the harder it will be to settle into a “new normal,” and it will only prolong your feelings of unease.
  • Take control of your actions. When a change is announced at work, it’s easy to feel powerless, which can lead to more feelings of panic and dissatisfaction. Taking time to deliberately own your actions can help you feel a little less adrift.  By controlling what you can, and letting go of what you cannot, you’ll achieve a stronger sense of peace and calm, no matter how much things are changing around you.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. Change can make you feel isolated and alone – like you’re the only one having to learn a new thing or grow and adapt to a new system. Remember that, chances are, you’re surrounded by people who are navigating this new world right by your side. Keep the lines of communication open, ask questions and maintain an open dialog with your peers and management. You’re sure to find comfort in the camaraderie of those who are in the same position as you.
  • Practice self-care. When things are stressful at work, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Whether it’s scheduling an extra yoga class, going for a walk with a friend, or getting an extra hour of sleep, a healthy dose of self-care can go a long way. By reducing your stress levels, you can bring your best self to work and meet the change head-on.

The bottom line is that change is inevitable. If you can meet it with optimism and confidence, and remember you’re not alone, you’ll find opportunities to grow and change along with your organization.

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