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The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted virtually every facet of life in the United States.

From record-breaking unemployment and market volatility to office and school closures and the rise of remote working and learning models to the ongoing ubiquity of face masks and social distancing, life as we know it looks markedly different than it did just 4 short months ago.

One change that has been rippling below the surface is the growing demand for skilled workers, and funding for programs that support the ongoing training and reskilling of the American workforce.

The New York Times reported this week that the rapid change brought about by COVID-19 has highlighted what economists, business leaders and labor experts have warned for years: that “a coming wave of automation and digital technology [will] upend the work force, destroying some jobs while altering how and where work is done for nearly everyone.”

As companies adapt to life in an ongoing pandemic, automation has played a key role in cutting costs and increasing efficiency. But this leaves many at risk of their role becoming obsolete. The best way to avoid being swept away by the “automation wave”? Continual learning and skills development.

Similarly, the demand for digital communication skills – from online education specialists, to virtual assistants, to customer success and sales positions shifting to an online-only model – has never been higher. If you’re not comfortable with modern videoconferencing tools, now is the time to brush up.

Luckily, opportunities for ongoing education have never been more vast. From non-profit organizations like Year Up, which provides training and support for low-income adults to transition to higher-paying careers, to online learning companies like Coursera and Udacity, it’s never been easier to learn a skill you’d like to acquire to stay competitive in the workforce.

At GSG, our clients rely on us to identify and deploy highly skilled consultants who excel at getting things done. While the pandemic has shifted some business priorities, what hasn’t changed is the demand for top talent, well versed in the latest technologies and tools.

By remaining diligent and disciplined in your pursuit of skills and knowledge, you can keep your competitive edge – no matter what the rest of the year has in store!

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