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Last week I wrote about 10 things you can do to help boost the economy as much of the country has shifted gears into remote work and shutter in place.  I’ve updated that list here with some updates to be consistent with the directives of state and local governments.

Today I wanted to share 10 positive updates that are not getting much attention compared to the negative, sensational headlines of the day.  Please note that while I have only included updates that have identified sources, I cannot guarantee their accuracy, but if even half of them are true, then we’re on the road to recovery.    I attribute @DaveRamsey for putting the bulk of this list together!

  1. China has CLOSED all 16 temporary coronavirus hospitals in Wuhan.  They don’t have enough new cases to support them.  (Source: New York Post)
  2. Doctors in India have successfully treated an Italian COVID-19 patient.  The combination of drugs used include Lopinavir, Ritonavir, Oseltamivir and Chloroquine.  (Source: Times of India)
  3. “A team of 10 scientific researchers from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam and Utrecht University say they are the first in the world to discover an antibody capable of fending off an infection by COVID-19.  The discovery could lead to an antiviral medication.”  (Source: NL Times)
  4. A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for six days in Wuhan, China.  (Source:  Daily Mail UK)
  5. Apple has re-opened all 42 of its retail stores in China.  (Source: Business Insider)
  6. Cleveland Clinic has developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours, not days.  (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  7. Multiple potential COVID-19 vaccines are currently in development and testing, with at least three in the US. (Source: NBC News)
  8. “The first three people to test positive for COVID-19 in the state of Maryland have recovered and are able to resume their normal lives.”  The three include a married couple in the 70s and a woman in her 50s. (Source: Fox 5 D.C.)
  9. “A team of Canadian scientists has successfully isolated and grown copies of the coronavirus – bringing the world a step closer to finding a vaccine.” (Source: NY Post)
  10. Today, the US Markets rallied as investor confidence grows that the impact to the global economy and national healthcare systems will not be as severe. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

Remember, the best things you can do for yourself and others is to remain calm, be positive with your attitude, outlook and perspective, and do your best to eat well, and get plenty of sleep.  Your immune system rebuilds itself during sleep, so turn off the TV and get to bed by 10pm tonight!

John Henning is the Chief Client Officer at Granite Solutions Groupe. He has over 35 years of leadership experience in the financial services and technology industries, and currently oversees all client account management, professional services, marketing strategy, business development and sales operations for GSG. To stay updated on the latest market news and insights, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.