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We are excited to announce that GSG Consultant Rizwan Rahman, based in New Jersey, has been recognized as GSG’s Consultant of the Quarter!

In his most recent project as Scrum Master for our client based in San Francisco, our business partner shared “Rizwan initially volunteered to jump in and assist with filling in for colleagues who were out of the office. Due to multiple resource issues, the team was faced with sprint throughput, and productivity dropped off, to no fault of the team. Rizwan stepped right in with minimal guidance and instruction.  He has since taken over responsibility for a large Scrum team, seamlessly taking control of the daily & weekly meetings, keeping the team and schedules on track, during a time where there has been an inordinate number of organizational changes.  Rizwan does an exceptional job at engaging members of the team, offering guidance and direction and always adamant at following up with team members on open action items and requests for assistance, ensuring they are focused on the right priorities. Team members regularly comment on the excellent work Rizwan is doing leading this team, keeping them on track and offering suggestions for improving efficiency and workload balance.”

When presented with the award, Rizwan shared, “Partnering with GSG, I noticed the great care and attention to detail GSG takes when presenting a solution to the client, building a relationship, and delivering value. This has been the best experience in my 20+ years in consulting, you feel like you are part of the team. The work culture is so pleasant, you become emotionally invested and attached.  The project work is fun and challenging and there is always an opportunity to learn more.  I am greatly honored and humble to work with Granite Solutions Groupe in serving this client.”

Please join us in congratulating Rizwan on his many achievements within our client and consultant community.

The GSG Consultant of the Quarter Award is bestowed upon consultants who are nominated by our clients, consultants and employees, and who achieve the highest overall quantitative rankings in terms of how they meet their deliverables and foster a creative, productive and collaborative work environment. Additional subjective, qualitative criteria is included in the evaluation of nominees based on how they deal with others, including client and GSG team members, the impressions they make and the extra things they do to ensure a successful client experience.