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In February, we announced the rollout of the GSG Green Policy, an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment.

In honor of Earth Day, today we’re sharing some tricks and tips we’ve learned to “green” our workplace:

  1. Power Down: At the end of every work day, don’t just log off – power down. Did you know that it takes over 800 kWh of electricity to power a typical desktop computer with one monitor for one year? That’s enough to release 750 lbs of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – the equivalent to driving over 800 miles in an average car. To reduce your power consumption by as much as 75%, make sure your computer is using energy optimized settings – automatically shifting to a power saving mode when not in use, and hibernating overnight.
  2. Get the Good Stuff: Instead of buying the same disposable office supplies over and over again, invest in quality, reusable products. By replacing paper cups with water bottles and mugs, you’re helping the environment in the short term, and saving money in the long run – a win-win!
  3. Go Green – Literally: Plants are all-natural air filtration systems, absorbing unhealthy pollutants and producing oxygen. Adding a little green to your workspace will help you “go green” in more ways than one!
  4. Consider your Commute: One environmental upside of the COVID pandemic has been an overall reduction in commuting altogether – but when offices reopen, make sure you’re taking advantage of public transportation and carpooling when possible. Depending on your workplace, you may be able to continue to telecommute a few days per week as well – which can significantly reduce your carbon footprint!
  5. Go paperless: With so many communication options available, the days of printing memos are far behind us. Whenever possible, use electronic records and only print documents you really need.
  6. Recycle Responsibly: Recycling is more than just putting your paper and aluminum waste in a separate bin. Make sure your office has a visible receptacle for dead batteries, and look into local options for e-waste disposal for old or broken laptops, cell phones, printers and more. If available where you live, implementing a compost program can also do wonders for keeping waste out of landfills. 
  7. Green Your Clean: There are many options for cleaning products, and not all of them are good. Pay attention to the labels, and make it a policy to use environmentally friendly products when possible. Switching to non-toxic and sustainable brands will eliminate harmful substances from your office, and help reduce chemical waste.
  8. Think about your Thermostat: From overheating in winter and overcooling in summer, it’s hard to reach a temperature that everyone loves in the office. That said, making even tiny adjustments to your automatic setting can have a huge impact: one large retail store adjusted their AC to turn on at 75 degrees instead of 74, and saved over 30,000 kilowatts of energy in a year. Being thoughtful about your thermostat settings can go a long way towards energy conservation!

Remember – no action is too small when it comes to sustainability.

Happy Earth Day!

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