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There have been so many inspiring women leaders over the centuries, but now with technology and high-speed communications, they are able to reach us in real-time and fuel our minds, souls and spirits in ways that Eleanor Roosevelt could only dream of.

This past Monday night we were honored to join Financial Women of San Francisco for a moving evening of insight and wisdom with Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Mariann Byerwalter, Financial Women of San Francisco’s 1998 Financial Woman of the Year.  We were inspired listening to Dr. Condoleezza’s thoughts and perspectives on a variety of topics that impact women and the world they share with men.  In the days following this momentous event, we have been talking about it non-stop and wanted to share a few comments from the amazing women that we know and learn from every day, and how the event impacted them.

Shreya Singh – “Thank you for inviting me to this wonderful inspiring session.  It was very interesting to hear her perspectives on world issues.  I really liked how she encouraged everyone to do their bit for promoting equity and inclusion in their respective fields, rather than waiting on policy changes.”

Kara King – “It was a great honor to be part of such a riveting interview with Condoleezza Rice.  I expected her to be a phenomenal public speaker, but I was blown away with how real and down to earth she was.  The thing that stood out most was when she talked about how female leaders need to stand out and stand taller.  She has been in so many scenarios throughout her career where she had to “rise up”, it was moving to hear her speak.  I’m so grateful FWSF included us in the evening.”

Carol Ornstein – “I learned so much from the conversation with Condoleezza and have shared a few key highlights that resonated with me – Overall, I learned so much about female leadership and confidence just from listening to Condoleezza and how she conducts herself.  Condoleezza’s presence, the way she speaks and how she interacts with others is inspiring and something I want to mirror in the way I conduct business. I appreciated when Condoleezza said that we as female leaders need to be tougher. That resonated with me, and brought me back to my Wall Street days. Strength is a good thing and not something we as females need to shy away from.”

Condoleezza and Mariann – We thank you for your wisdom, courage, expertise and inspiration.  The world needs leaders like you to stand tall on the broken glass that you have broken through to inspire more women to take an interest in public service and remind us all that our only limits are those that we set for ourselves!

GSG has been a proud sponsor of the Financial Women of San Francisco organization for 6 years and it is a passion for GSG’s own Kara King who has worked hard to re-enforce our values of Diversity and Community in partnership with our clients and the FWSF organization. For more information on how you can get involved, reach out to Kara King.

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