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In this day and age, with everyone hustling about, over-scheduled, over-stressed, under-nourished and sometimes under-appreciated, it’s really the little things that matter most. Taking a moment to do something small that makes someone’s day just a little better can make an impression that will last a lifetime, and help you stand out with your clients, colleagues and constituents.

Here’s a quick list of things you can do that don’t take much time, but demonstrate that you’re really thinking about someone’s well-being.  Try doing at least one every day, and watch how your relationships deepen and grow – along the way making you feel good inside:

  • Pick up the phone to call a client, co-worker or service provider and say “Hello, and how are you feeling today?”
  • Write a quick hand-written note after a meeting to thank someone for their time and mail it to them – yes, the USPS is still in business (for now)
  • When you’re in a store and see an item that reminds you of someone you know, buy it and send it to them with a note that just says “thinking of you” (it doesn’t have to be expensive to brighten someone’s day!)
  • Call a client to check in without any other agenda than making sure that they’re happy.  Be ready to make them happy if they’re not!
  • When you’re on the phone with someone, turn around and face away from your computer while you’re talking to them – they’ll notice the difference!
  • Call out the contributions of a co-worker in a team meeting or call – recognition goes a long way, even if it’s just a verbal acknowledgment!
  • Treat every challenge as an opportunity – there are no problems in life – only opportunities!  (Yes, I’m a glass half-full kind of guy)
  • Buy some chocolate and give it away!  (Recent studies show that it reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes, promotes general well-being, and is delicious)

And just remember, most of us aren’t saving lives in our daily jobs and the most important thing you can do is remember what’s really important – people.  By keeping the focus on the people that matter most in our lives, including family, clients, co-workers and service providers, the rest of life seems to fall into place.  And if you really are saving lives – THANK YOU!