In GSG Connections by Belo Cipriani

Careers are made up of many beginnings and endings, and starting in a new place with a clean slate can be very exciting. But while it may not seem like a big deal to start a new contract or full-time job, not being conscious of your actions on your first day can give your new colleagues or client a bad impression of you. Here are five tips to keep in mind when starting a new gig.

Don’t assume someone doesn’t like you

Whether your cubicle neighbor swept by without saying hello or someone forgot to include you in a meeting, it’s important not to take things personally on your first day. People are, well, people, and you don’t know what kind of day they are having. Also, it will take your new team some time to get used to having a new coworker, and showing patience and flexibility is the best way to build up these new relationships.

Assess your habits

Over time, we all get comfortable at the office, and things that may not have bothered your old boss may seriously annoy your new one. This is why running things by your supervisor in the beginning will help avoid any misinterpretations of your behaviors.

Be open about what you don’t know

As much as you may want to impress your new team, you don’t want to start out by being proven wrong about something. So, it’s crucial to deliver your thoughts and feelings clearly. If you are not certain about a product, but want to share a thought on it, be sure that you let your team know it’s an educated guess or assumption. In due time, people will learn to gauge your opinions.

Keep your phone off

As tempting as it is to call your friend or sweetie to let them know your first day is going well, having your phone ring during an impromptu meeting will not impress your new boss. So, to avoid any interruptions, keep your phone off.

Take notes

On your first day, you will be overwhelmed with new data and it’s important to have a system to take it all down. So, whether it is a notebook or tablet, make sure you keep it on you. After all, you never know when someone will show you how to do a task and relying on your memory may not be the best solution.

Belo Cipriani is a recruiting professional and an award-winning author. He is also a freelance journalist,the career expert for the Ed Baxter Show on Talk Radio San Francisco 910AM,and has been a featured guest lecturer at both Yale University and the University of San Francisco. In conjunction with Granite Solutions Groupe, he also writes GSG Connections. Learn more at